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Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

Welcome back to the Port Landing at Fife Blog! To start off our December posts, we’re writing about gifts. We know that finding that perfect gift for a loved one, friend, or coworker can be a challenge — sometimes it’s next to impossible! But don’t worry, we’re dedicating our first post to helping our residents find the gift that is just perfect for that special someone, whether they live in our Fife, WA apartment community or not. Keep reading to learn more.


Tear Free Onion Goggles

You probably know someone who can’t keep back the tears while chopping onions. If so, there might be no greater gift this year than a pair of these tear-free onion goggles.


Check out what one reviewer said on the website: “I've always hated cutting onions...oh the pain of those tears! I was skeptical whether this product would really work but was willing to give it a try. This product did not disappoint. It works just as described! I am so impressed I am going to buy more pairs to give as gifts.”


Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags

Do you know someone who loves grilled cheese sandwiches? If so, this gift is absolutely perfect!


Check out what one reviewer said on the website: “I've purchased these twice now as gifts for my best friend and sister. In college my best friend would often make a grilled cheese but didn't want to get out a frying pan so she would toast 3 pieces of bread, then add cheese and microwave it. I just gave her these last week for her birthday and she loves them! Awesome gift idea for almost anybody.”


Cat Egg Mold & Dog Egg Mold

Odds are you know someone who loves cats and/or dogs. Add a little something special to their holiday with these handy breakfast tools. “Meals are always more fun with a friend. Simply fetch this playful silicone mold, place it in your pan, pour two eggs into the rings, and let it cook. With this much fun on a plate, kids and adults will be happy to come, sit, and stay at the breakfast table.”


What gifts will you be buying this holiday season? Share in the comments below. Thanks for reading!