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Make Your Shoes like New in 2018

Port Landing at Fife Apartments, Fife, WA  Start off the year on the right foot. We've got a few tips to making your sneakers look and feel brand new.

The beginning of the year is all about starting things new and fresh. For you, this might mean getting a new wardrobe, testing out a new hobby, or embarking on a new culinary endeavor. We’d like to focus on your wardrobe for today’s blog post.


Shoes are a big part of any wardrobe. As reported by the Daily Mail, “People tend to pay attention to the shoes they and others wear.” Whether you’re headed off to an interview, enjoying a night out, or on a first date, what you wear on your feet can say a lot about who you are. What are your shoes saying about you? We hope to help with that! In today’s post, we’re sharing a few tips to making your shoes look like new. The next time you’re walking around Fife, Washington or relaxing with some friends at our Port Landing at FIfe Apartments community, make sure that your shoes look great. You don’t have to buy a new expensive pair of shoes to feel like you’ve got something new on your feet. Keep these tips in mind the next time you clean your shoes.


1. Hand or Machine Washing. Many canvas sneakers are easily cleaned by placing them inside the washing machine, but check the label first if you’re not sure! If the shoes are washing machine safe, then remove the laces and brush off excess dirt. Then, place the shoes inside a lingerie bag. We recommend placing some dirty towels into the machine first; this will help to keep the noise down.


When hand washing, add laundry detergent or dish soap to a bowl of water. With the laces removed, use a cloth or brush to rub the solution into your shoes. If your shoes are leather or suede, don’t use water. For leather, toothpaste is a surprisingly great cleaner. For suede, use a suede eraser solution or vinegar.


2. Cleaning rubber soles. Dip a toothbrush into a solution that is made of baking soda and rubbing alcohol.


3. Removing sticky gunk. If you have something sticky on the side or bottom of your shoes, place the shoes in a freezer-safe bag and then stick that in the freezer for a few hours. When you remove the bag, the sticky substance should be brittle and easy to scrape off.


4. Cleaning laces. Laces can usually be placed inside of the washing machine alongside your shoes, just keep them in a separate lingerie or mesh bag. If you’d rather hand wash them, let them sit in a bowl of hot water and baking soda. You can also add laundry detergent for good measure. Using a toothbrush, scrub the individual laces. Then, soak in clean water when you’re finished.


5. Don’t forget the insoles. Even if you washed your shoes in a machine, it’s important to remove the insoles and clean those separately. Remove them and scrub them with the same mixture that you used for cleaning the laces.


How do you keep your shoes feeling fresh and looking brand new? Share in the comments below so that we can all start this year off on the right foot. Thanks for reading!